Interior design by The Wisemen Group

We would like to introduce our company to those of you who are looking to build a luxury home. As you may know, there are many critical components required to ensure that your project is taken from concept to completion both on time and on budget. A collaborative effort by the project team is perhaps the most important ingredient in a successful result. We pride ourselves in being team players, and are excited to work with other experienced professionals who share that quality. If you need help in selecting other members of the team, such as the architect, we can help with recommendations and interviews. We can also assist in navigating the sometime complex planning process including the homeowners association and the county.

From the beginning phases of the project, we can assist in the evaluation of a potential remodel or a vacant parcel to establish the feasibility based on your budget and wishes for your home. As part of the project team, we can review the design as it develops to make sure that the project scope and finishes stay within the original budget. We could also make suggestions for value engineering to maximize the value of your investment and the quality of the home based on the budget.

With the completed working drawings, we can aggressively bid out to the subcontractors to get you the best price for the quality. With regular meetings and open communication between all members of the project team, we can assure that the project will progress on schedule and on budget through to completion.

Taking the concept for your dream home to completion can be a wonderful and gratifying experience if you are surrounded by a team that shares your goals and objectives. Our job is to make sure that happens.

We are available to meet you to discuss your project and to begin that dream.